1. Nobody ever gets writers’ block when bashing out an email to their mum or best friend.  Writers’ block is often the result of the fear of tackling an important writing task in case you get it wrong.  So tell yourself, “It’s only the first draft.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.”
  2. Don’t try for perfection Just bash it out.. Journalists have a saying, “Don’t get it right, get it written”. They know that once you have some words on the page, that’s half the battle and you can craft and mould them into shape.
  3. Before you start, give yourself some positive messages about your ability. “ I can do this. I’m going to enjoy it.” Whatever makes you feel more confident.
  4. One good trick is to do a warm up writing session before you tackle that bigger task. Write some topics for yourself and put them in a hat. Write for two or three minutes on three of them; do it fast, spontaneously and without making edits. This should trigger your creative right brain into action. Once you’re in full flow, make a start on your main piece and keep going.
  5. Read other writers working in a similar field or genre. Either  this will inspire you and trigger ideas, or you’ll think, “This isn’t up to much. I can do better.” Whatever your reaction, you’ll go back to the blank screen with renewed enthusiasm and determination.
  6. Get your timing right. Are you better giving yourself ample time to write a piece to avoid the extra pressure of panic? Or do you thrive on leaving it to the last minute, when you’re up against the deadline? This is not something I recommend but some people thrive on it. Be sure to give yourself a break between drafts and before you edit, so you can make your revisions with a more objective eye.
  7. Ask yourself what are your best times of day for writing. Are you best in the early morning when your mind is fresh? Or can you be more creative once you’ve cleared the decks of the small tasks and settled yourself into the day? Think about how you’ll feel when you’ve finished the job. Relieved? Liberated? Promise yourself a treat when it’s done – and enjoy. You’ve earned it.