First Time Writers' Wicked Workshop

A chance to explore your talents and see how it feels to become a writer. You too can be creative, convincing and compelling with words. Lots of fun exercises and tips will make it easier than you think.

We will playfully experiment with putting thoughts and ideas onto paper. We’ll look at simple techniques to help you write stories, we’ll dabble with journalism and poetry. So by exploring different genres you can discover what you most enjoy. You will be pleasantly surprised by your own abilities to create atmosphere, portray people and bring life, vibrancy and passion to issues close to your heart.

You will learn how to:

  • Approach writing with less fear and more pleasure
  • Understand what makes text compelling for the reader
  • Abandon writer’s block – and lose the terror of the blank page
  • Understand what makes a good piece of writing great
  • Develop ideas and tap into your creativity
  • Leave with lots of inspiration and an action plan of where you’d like to go next with your writing

Who should come on this course:

Anyone who is drawn to writing, but doesn’t know how to begin. Also for anyone who has made a start on writing and wants more confidence or to extend their repertoire of skills.

What People Say

“I really enjoyed the fact that it was so hands on and took us out of our comfort zone but in a nice way. I am looking forward to putting some of the things I learned into practice!"

Jan Murray, marketing consultant , Wilmslow

“Opening up my creative side in the group gave me confidence to start my aspiration to take up writing."

Ann Dean, lending consultant ,Wilmslow

“Infectious enthusiasm of our tutor was great. I would love to do more"

Wendy Smythe, Cheshire

“I found the ideas came more quickly than I thought possible. It has given me the confidence to have a go."

Chrissie Smith, Wilmslow