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Judi Goodwin

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20 April 2024 Wilmslow Writing for Wellbeing and Happiness
23 May 2024 Oniline Writing for Professionals
12 Oct 2024 Wilmslow Writing for Happiness and Wellbeing
Tuesdays fortnightly 5pm – 7pm Wilmslow Women’s Support and Empowerment Group

Are you ready for a totally new approach?

Judi Goodwin’s writing courses are unconventional, inspiring and fun. She believes everyone can write powerfully and creatively. All you need is the key to unlock the door.

Her aim is to help you strip away the layers of self-doubt and to enable you to write from a place of honesty, truth and inspiration. Her Unleash Your Writing Power workshop has already empowered many hundreds of people from all walks of life to transform their approach to written communication.

So are you ready to leave behind the old habits of self-doubt, hesitation and writing in the same old way? Are you willing to drop the mask of conformity, to embrace who you really are and write from that truly authentic place?

Creative Writing Classes Online

Judi Goodwin specialises in courses to help people access creativity and fluency in writing and brings a whole person approach to her training. She runs online writing workshops via Zoom as well as face-to-face classes. Her live Zoom sessions are equally suitable for experienced writers and beginners, and you’ll be learning alongside a group of other like-minded students.

She prefers to work with small groups to ensure individual attention.

Creative Writing in the Classroom

Following the introduction of her highly acclaimed Unleash Your Writing Power course in 1995, she has developed a range of leisure workshops which focus on memoirs, life writing, fiction techniques, journalistic features and writing for wellbeing. She teaches at adult education centres, writing groups and residential retreats.

She was previously a freelance journalist for three decades and her wide experience includes newspapers, magazines and radio broadcasting. She is a qualified Trainer, Personal Performance Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.

Writing Training for Professionals

Judi works with individuals, public sector and commercial organisations inspiring delegates to bring a more human approach to their writing. Her unique teaching methods are particularly valuable to the worlds of business, finance, technology and science. More information here.