Unlock Your Writing Super Power

Access more powerful communication for business or professional purposes

This unconventional and sometimes challenging course has been successfully completed by many different people from a wide range of professional and business backgrounds. The exercises are appropriate for all levels of ability and many individuals who find writing difficult and problematic have discovered they are able to write fluently and easily during and after the course.

This is the course that works miracles for anyone writing just about anything. Judi can deliver a one day session for your team in person or online using Zoom. For more information contact Judi.

The workshop uses games, writing exercises and personal development techniques to inspire and empower delegates A maximum number of ten ensures individual attention.

Organisations who have previously benefited from this highly effective workshop include: Scottish Environmental and Protection Agency; Lloyds Bank; Chartered Institute of Public Relations; The Bank of England; National Union of Journalists; Office for National Statistics; Her Majesty’s Prison Styal; and The Royal Mint.

Have you ever noticed…?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you are writing, the more you struggle, the more difficult it is to find the words? Paradoxically, some of the best pieces are those that come with almost no effort. You may have wondered why some days you can sweat over the keyboard for hours, only to produce an awkward paragraph or two. On other occasions the words seem to appear like magic, without any effort. And amazingly these pieces can be your best work. So how can you call on this energy and exploit it more readily?

Writing for Professionals
Unlock Your Writing Super Power

One day online workshop via Zoom

Thursday 23rd May 2024
9.30am – 5pm

Ideal for all types of business-related communications including marketing, blogs, emails, proposals, reports, online content, letters, brochures, editorials, etc. This workshop is organised by the Public Relations and Communications Association.

After the course:

  • You will feel more confident about yourself and your ability to communicate.
  • You will look forward to writing jobs and tackle them with ease – even if writing has previously been a challenge.
  • You will know how to engage readers, customers and clients by communicating in a more human way.
  • Procrastination will be a thing of the past and you will produce more powerful text, often in less than half the time
  • An ideal route to a “writing-with-attitude” style for blogging or social media, or for anyone wanting to make technical or financial copy more engaging.

What Delegates Say About This Workshop

I would recommend spending a day with Judi to revisit how you write. This morning alone I have churned out A3 poster artwork for a baby charity, written a piece of PR on carbon literacy for a conservation charity and blogged for webinar events for another client.

Gillian McNeill, McNeill Media, Belfast

I’ve done so many webinars and courses recently and this really was one of the best. I liked the fact it was a challenging course, and that so much of it was practical.

Meera Dattani , Freelance Travel Journalist and Editor, London

Enjoyed today’s course. I think it will change the way I write and communicate for ever!

R.G., Bank of England

It opened a wellspring of pent-up creativity and writing skill I was convinced I didn’t have.

Tony Brunskill, MD, Perfect PR

Thoroughly enjoyable – left me wanting to do more. Thank you.”

Anne Wilson, University of Warwick

I feel my creative juices are flowing again, which will benefit me personally as well as in work.

Ashley McKeown, Biss Lancaster

Thanks. I thought the course was brilliant. I have made some huge changes and I find that writing is much easier now.

Emma Dow, Lloyds TSB Scotland

My writing has already improved as a direct result of this course. The main benefits – a boost in confidence, a drive to get stuck in and a renewed zeal for writing. Pretty much exactly what I'd hoped for.

Daniel Wolstencroft, Freelance Writer and Proof reader