Don’t Get it Right – Get it Written

A liberating workshop that frees you from the terror of the first draft. If you dream of becoming a writer, but can’t seem to get past first base, this course will help you abolish the fears and desire for perfection that may be holding you back. An ideal starter course for aspiring fiction writers and an excellent follow-on for anyone who has completed Unleash Your Writing Power. However this is not a pre-requirement and the course works well for any level of experience. Learn how to access your creativity, write from the right side of the brain, uncover the secrets of pace, dialogue and writing with attitude and passion. Energise your enthusiasm for the written word and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the standard of work you can produce.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop your writer’s voice
  • Make a great start with intriguing story beginnings
  • Create convincing dialogue
  • Write using the senses to add realism to your stories
  • Develop a writing plan – and stick to it
  • Stop procrastinating and banish the struggle

Who should come on the course?

Suitable for new and experienced writers and anyone determined to break through the procrastination barrier.

What People Say

“Each part of the course was useful, and I picked up lots of tips on improving my writing.”

Christine L., Bucks

“I really enjoyed it and have written more than I thought would have been possible.”

Jean T., Stretford

“The most useful part of the course for me was learning to be more spontaneously creative. It has encouraged me and made me more confident about writing.”

Shirley N., Manchester

”Can’t wait to start writing. Thank you! It was liberating to let go and just write.”

Ruth H., Butlers Cross