Coaching for Your Writing Project

After a lifetime working as a professional writer and journalist, it is particularly satisfying for me to support other writers as they unlock their creativity, dare to dream and carve a niche for themselves in the world of words.

So whatever your current challenge, whether you’re struggling with writers’ block, trying to find your focus or simply – let’s be honest – procrastinating, I am committed to helping you move forward.

Two decades of running workshops have given me a lot of understanding of how we can build our creativity and confidence. I work with the conscious and the unconscious mind, enabling clients to abandon self-doubt and to access a wealth of creative possibilities.

Coaching can help you to:

  • Gain clarity on what you want to write and decide on your long and short term objectives
  • Work out a plan of action and manage your own progress so you move forward at your own pace
  • Abandon the procrastination of the past and be accountable to your coach who is committed to seeing you succeed
  • Find inspiration to get started – and to keep going thanks to regular check-ins
  • Get back on track with a writing project that’s somehow lost momentum
  • Escape the loneliness of the long distance writer by having your very own cheer-leader
  • Feel more empowered as your plan unfolds and you can tick off your progress as the weeks go by
  • Improve your style by getting regular feedback on your work from a professional writer.

Judi’s Writing Background

As a freelance features journalist for over 30 years, I was a regular contributor to The Daily Telegraph and Radio Times as well as many regional newspapers and national magazines, For five years I did broadcast interviews and features for BBC Radio 4 and Woman’s Hour and spent four years as Commissioning Editor for Ideal Home magazine.

I now work as a qualified life coach and trainer and I mentor writers on all aspects of writing including non-fiction, memoirs and journalism. I can also help with other changes you might like to make happen in your life.

Find out more about  Judi's Coaching here.

What People Say

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks once again. It feels great to be able to hold the paperback in my hand, and to see it out in the world.

Adam McNelis, Author, Glasgow

Judi is a fantastic listener and I found the experience incredibly supportive and beneficial. I set myself goals that were sometimes challenging so this could be uncomfortable at times. But she made me feel accountable to someone outside myself and her positive manner was inspirational and energising.

Marian McCraith, Novelist and Writing Tutor, Lancaster

My coaching sessions with Judi were a real turning point in my writing life. Her support and knack for asking just the right questions guided me to a place where my writing opened up and naturally became more prolific, spontaneous and fun. I can really appreciate the support, structure and accountability coaching brings to achieving any goal.

Zoe Basil, Writer and Creative Director, Mind Rescue

I felt alternately respected and challenged working with Judi and I soared under her firm guidance and insights. She's a confessor, teacher, and a friend. Meeting her has been one of the most enriching turning points in my life.

Karin Doucette, Writer, Toronto