I really enjoyed the fact that it was so hands on and took us out of our comfort zone but in a nice way. I am looking forward to putting some of the things I learned into practice! Informative trainer who gave practical, real life advice. Fascinating, absorbing …. and extremely well-tutored. The format is so different to anything I have done before and it has opened my mind. Skilful, profound and encouraging. I discovered a source within myself I had not suspected. A wonderful course, great teacher, fabulous learning experience. Just what I needed. Judi listens most intently to every reading – doesn’t miss a thing. She is the best writing tutor I have had to date. You have enabled me to shift from diary writer to story-teller, showing me how to engage my readers in ways I’d never considered. I really enjoyed it and have written more than I thought would have been possible. Each part of the course was useful, and I picked up lots of tips on improving my writing. This course does what it says on the tin. I enjoyed the whole weekend. A powerful and surprising experience. I feel empowered with a belief that maybe, just maybe, that book will one day come out of me after all. The results were amazing and I found the writing process was actually very enjoyable – for a change. I was impressed and surprised with the quality of what I wrote. I feel motivated, inspired and encouraged to start the project I dream about. Your writing class is one of the best things I’ve done for myself in years! Not only did I learn about writing from the heart, I learned about me in the process.”